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Home Sweet Shaners 2019

Well hello everyone, surprise! Here’s our Shaners blog we’ve had going on for a while but with all the big huge changes that have been a long time coming, we’ve been a bit frazzled and unnerved. Details coming soon to Revin’s site trisomy21sweeties.com about his low thyroid condition, therapy, etc, plus the better parts of loving our sweet Down Syndrome boy and all our sweet monkeys! Marky Mark, you know it!

So here’s our new site and Kyle (Pop Shaner here, the big Shaner daddy ga ga!! And Shanni’s hubby la Love!) has his own site coming soon too, our days nights and lights spent our way, the Shaner way, the Shaner way of life. We might be enough route back, but no telling when yet. Gotta get some more things in place first. Man has it ever been a long road.. But I find the freedom when I openly talk about what’s going on, on the blog sites and communities, more than on mainstream social media. We’re excited to move forward and see what the next chapter in life brings us!! Thanks for sharing with us and being part of it!

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